High Performance Fume Hood

High-Performance Chemical/Toxic Protection

EN 14175 Certified 
Superior Performance in ASHRAE 110 Tests 
Advanced Air Fluid Dynamics Automation 
Advanced Microprocessor Control

New Generation Ergonomics & Ease of Use

Back Sloped Front Panel 
Chemical Resistant Monoblock Work Table 
Integrated Chemical Storage Cupboard
Low Noise Level & Energy Consumption

Fume Hoods are full air exhausted negative air pressure primary air barriers protecting the operator and indoor environment from hazardous gases, vapors and odors. Proper and reliable removal of toxic gases and vapors are mostly depended on perfect work performance of fume hoods. Metisafe High-Performance Fume Hoods (HP Fume Hood) are designed by advanced fluid dynamics methods and ensures optimal non-turbulent air exhaust to the outer atmosphere with perfect airflow patterns without any leakage to the indoor environment. Metisafe® HP Fume Hoods are manufactured & tested according to ASHRAE 110 guidelines and have EN14175 certification.

Low Face Velocity - High Performance

  • EN14175 Certified ASHRAE 110 test conformity
  • Validation guaranteed chemical vapor protection
  • Heavy and light gas directioning air baffles
  • Verified air vortex prevention at hidden zones 
  • CFD modeled air turbulence prevention

Metisafe High Performance Fume Hood CFD


Spacious and Comfort Work Chamber

  • Ergonomically sloped front panel
  • Increased viewing angle working chamber
  • Very low noise level
  • Widescreen touchpad control panel

Metisafe Cabinet Ergonomy


Diversified model portfolio

  • Application specific diversified HP Fume Hood types
  • Optionally integrated environmental exhausting
  • Cost/Benefit ratio high C series
  • GMP & GLP conforming E series
  • Over 50 models of 4 different dimension in width

Metisafe diversifed model portfolio


Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Proper & non-turbulant air velocity compensation
  • Safety parameter increased alarm system
  • Precise measurement & double check sensors

Metisafe Advanced Microprocessor Control


High-Class Quality Details

  • Chemical & stain resistant surfaces 
  • Monoblock raised sides work table 
  • High-performance hardware suitable for continuous work

Metisafe Quality


Fast and Reliable Technical Service

  • 7/24 reachable support
  • Remote approach option
  • Guides and data supported web content

Metisafe Technical Support

Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood
Metisafe Fume Hood

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  • Support stand
  • Chemical storage cupboard
  • Microincinerator
  • Automatic sensor bunsen burner
  • Gas / Vacum valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Formalin Vaporizer
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Portable germicidal UV lamb
  • Acrobate document holder
  • Arm support apparatus
  • Height adjustable support stand


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  • Ex-Proof Upgrade
  • GMP compliance
  • HEPA/ULPA/Carbon filter
  • Chemical resistant wash basin
  • Water faucet
  • Front glass sensor safety mechanism
  • Vertical/Horizontal move sash window
  • Mechanical Key-Lock
  • Work chamber/Indoor oC monitor
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Active noise control system
  • Control panel remote control (E-Series)
  • Work chamber hanger apparatus (IV Bar)
  • Anti-vibration weighing balance table
  • BMS integration (E-Series)
  • Online Airflow/Pressure monitoring
  • 7/24 alarm warning message (E-Series)