Portable Hygenic Air Cleaning

  • High capacity and efficient removal & HEPA filtration of airborne particles
  • Fast and easy installation at home, office or hospital 
  • Practical solution for obtaining clean area in laboratory or Industry
  • Suitable for patient isolation at the indoor environment
  • Robust and compact design
  • High-Performance low noise operation
  • Increased filter life, low energy cost
  • Simple filter replacement for non-professionals, easy maintenance

High-Performance Particle Cleaning

  • Portable HEPA filtration for each location
  • Effective and fast particle reduction efficiency
  • Advanced engineering D.O.P. test certified leakproof manufacturing
  • Specially designed air diffusor for uniform air flow

Yüksek Hijyen Performanslı Partikül Temizliği


Diversified Model Portfolio

  • Wide variety to field applications
  • Hospital units, laboratories, critical industrial areas
  • Heating and cooling unit integrated models
  • Proper air capacity for fresh air needs

Metisafe Ferah ve Konforlu çalışma kabini


Easy Use / Easy Maintenance

  • Touch-screen control panel and monitor
  • Practical filter replacement & cleaning
  • Low noise level
  • Programmable advanced microprocessor & alarm system

Metisafe Control Panel


High-Class Quality Details

  • Monoblock radiused corner connections
  • CFD modeling diffusor & airflow dynamics
  • High-performance equipment suitable for continuous operations
  • High supply-low return technique

Metisafe Quality


Reliable and Fast Technical Service

  • 7/24 Uninterruptable Working Hardware
  • Remote Online Control Option
  • Continuous Development Support
  • Supported data of literature & guides 

Metisafe Technical Support

Metisage Fume Hood
Metisage Fume Hood

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