Metisafe Concept Modular Cleanroom

Instrument Concept Critical Clean Facility

  • Pre-engineered Full Steel Composition - Advanced Automation
  • Sophisticated Air Dynamics Design - Efficient Particle Removal
  • Conforms GMP & ISO14644 Standards - Have DQ, IQ, PQ 
  • Negative Plenum Technology - Zero Leakage HEPA Filter System
  • Amortization in 3-5 years - Lower Energy & Maintenance Cost
  • Validation Guarantee up to 10 years - Reinstallable & Revalidable

Instrument Concept Cleanroom Unit

  • All Steel ISO-7 Cleanliness Class
  • Safe Negative Plenum Product Protection
  • Ex-factory GMP Compliant Standardization
  • ISO 14644 Test Validity Guarantee
  • Validation performance long-term and without revision
  • >5 Years Warranty Option

Metisafe Maksimum Ürün/Materyal Koruma


Superior Technology-High Comfort

  • CFD Model Perfect Air Dynamics
  • Zero Leakage HEPA Filtration
  • PID Control Precise Temperature
  • Effective Noise Prevent
  • Advanceed Automation Control

Metisafe Cleanroom Controlpanel


Plenty of Application

  • Model Variety Suitable for Capacity Needs
  • Budget-friendly C series and GMP compliant E series models
  • ISO-5 station that can be integrated into the facility
  • Real-Time Particle Measurement Monitoring
  • Automatic Fumigation-Decontamination
  • Adjustable Lighting

Metisafe Gelişmiş Mikroişlemçili Kontrol


Short Depreciation Time

  • Dust-Free Modular Quick Installation
  • Dismountable Facility
  • Optimal Fresh/Recirculated Air
  • >%40 Energy Saving
  • Low Maintenance-Failure and Operating Cost
  • Facility Depreciation in 5 Years

Metisafe Amortisman


Reliable and Quick Technical Service

  • Qualified Maintenance, Repair and Test Teams
  • Uninterrupted Supply of Parts and Hardware
  • Remote Control Option
  • Current Information and Guide Supported Content
  • Continuous Update and Development

Metisafe Teknik Servis

Metisage Air Cleaner
Metisage Air Cleaner
Metisage Air Cleaner
Metisage Air Cleaner
Metisage Air Cleaner
Metisage Air Cleaner

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