Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Metisafe® LAF cabinets provide “High Cleanliness Class” primary barrier environment by protecting working material, sample or product from air born particle, dust and microorganisms.

By misuse, 'sterile-bench' term has been commonly used instead of 'clean-bench’ term for LAF cabinets in the past. LAF cabinets are workstations that provide an ISO-5/Class 100 level cleanroom environment.

LAF cabinets have been finding a place in vast application areas in which clean environment is critically necessary; such as electronic, optic, food, seed and seedling industries.

Superior Product/Material Protection

  • Validation guaranteed >ISO-5 cleanliness class
  • Extra air barrier protected negative plenum
  • Non-turbulent laminar flow particle sweeping
  • Dead zone free CFD model air fluidic dynamic

Metisafe LAF Cabinet Negative Plenum


Spacious and Comfort Work Chamber

  • Ergonomically sloped front panel
  • Increased viewing angle Work-Chamber
  • Very low-noise level
  • Widescreen touchpad control panel

Metisafe LAF Cabinet Ergonometri


Diversified model portfolio 

  • Vertical or Horizontal type airflow directioning
  • C Series for the best cost/benefit ratio
  • GMP conforming E and exclusive S series 
  • 4 different models-sizes of each LAF cabinet type 

Metisafe LAF Cabinet Models


Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Fast responsive filter-compensation system
  • Highly improved safety-alarm system
  • Precise measurement double check sensors

Metisafe Advanced Control Panel


Fine Work Quality Details

  • Smooth surfaces with superior cleaning performance
  • Monoblock radiused corners and connections
  • High performance - Long Lifespan hardware composition

Metisafe Quality


Reliable and Fast Technical Service

  • 7/24 Continous work suitable Hardware
  • Remote Approach Option
  • Continuous Development Support
  • Literature & Guides Supported Data

Metisafe Technical Support

Metisafe LAF Vertical C Seri
Metisafe LAF Vertical E Seri
Metisafe LAF Horizontal C Seri
Metisafe LAF Horizontal E Seri
Metisage BSC
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
Metisafe LAF Kabin
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  • Microincinerator
  • Automatic Sensor Bunsen Burner
  • Gas / Vacuum Valve
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Formalin Vaporizer
  • Disinfectant Dispenser
  • Portable Germicidal UV Lamp
  • Clean Room Chair
  • Leg Support Apparatus
  • Arm Support Apparatus
  • Height Adjustable Support Stand

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  • GMP Compliance (E & S Series)
  • ULPA Filter (0,3 µm %99.9995<)
  • Motorized Controlled Front Glass (E Series)
  • Side Panel Windows (E & S Series)
  • 316L Stainless Steel Work Chamber (E & S)
  • Mechanical Key Lock
  • Work-Chamber/Indoor OC Monitor
  • Adjustable İllumination
  • Active Noise Control System
  • Remote Control (E & S Series)
  • Work Chamber Hanger Apparatus (IV Bar)
  • Anti-Vibration Weighing Balance Table
  • BMS İntegration (E/S)
  • Online Airflow/Pressure Monitoring (E/S)
  • 7/24 Alarm Warning Message (E/S)