Green Energy

Clean air used in critical areas is expensive since it passes through HEPA filtration and air treatments. Metisafe® uses advanced energy-saving designs, air modeling, and manufacturing technologies. The amortization of investment takes much less time when compared with others. The advanced energy saving features of Metisafe® arise by the followings;

  • Recirculated air use conforming application needs and guidelines
  • Low-pressure loss HEPA Fan filter units
  • Fan motor system with automatic filter compensation
  • Cruise controlled fan motor with precise and fast reaction
  • Highly efficient back curved fan
  • Optimized minimal fresh air usage
  • Decreased air loss by using smaller ducts

All those properties result with decreased volume of air carriage and less energy consumption.

 Metisafe Energy EfficiencyMetisafe Energy Efficiency

*Energy consumption gap between traditional central HVAC system and Metisafe® system (The calculations were made on 40 Metisafe patient isolation rooms)