Biological Safety Cabinet

Genuine design and improvement of BSC for biohazard studies performed with dangerous or unknown materials, viruses, and other microorganisms goes back to the early 90s by Metisafe. BSC instruments provide primary barrier protection against air-born dangerous agents and classified according to the protection needs of personnel, environment, product/material. Class II type cabinets are also classified according to the recirculation proportion of the air intake. 

 Biological Safety Cabinet Type
 Class IClass IIAClass IIBClass IIICytotoxic
Personnel ProtectionXXXXX
Environmental ProtectionXXXXX
Product/Material Protection XXXX
Cytotoxic Material Studies  XXX
Biological Risks 3/4 agents   X 

Maximum Biological Safety

  • Certificated International standards conformity
  • Validation guaranteed biosafety and cleanliness class
  • Extra air barrier protected Negative plenum 
  • Dead zone free particle sweeping
  • CFD modeled air fluidic dynamics

Metisafe Maximum Biological Protection Cabinet


Spacious and Comfort Work Chamber

  • Ergonomically sloped front panel
  • Increased viewing angle work-chamber
  • Very low noise level
  • Widescreen touchpad control panel

Metisafe Cabinet Ergonomy


Diversified model portfolio

  • Biological risk level suitable BSC class option
  • High cost/benefit ratio 
  • GMP & GLP conformation
  • 4 different size-model for all BSC types
  • Diversified optional choices of need  

Metisafe İhtiyaca uygun model çeşitliliği


Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Fast reaction filter compensation system
  • Safety parameter increased alarm system
  • Precise measurement & double check sensors

Metisafe Advanced Microprocessor Control


High-Class Quality Details

  • Smooth surfaces with superior cleaning performance
  • Monoblock properly radiused corner&side connections
  • High-performance hardware suitable for continuous work

Metisafe Quality


Fast and Reliable Technical Service

  • 7/24 reachable support
  • Remote approach option
  • Guides and data supported web content

Metisafe Technical Support

Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC
Metisafe BSC

1. Standards & Guides

Please visit site Support > Standards & Guides for the clean room and biological safety international standards and guides.


2. Video & Presentations

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3. Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Microincinerator
  • Automatic sensor bunsen burner
  • Gas / Vacum valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Formalin Vaporizer
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Portable germicidal UV lamb
  • Acrobat document holder
  • Clean room chair
  • Leg support apparatus
  • Arm support apparatus
  • Height adjustable support stand

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  • GMP compliance (C & E Series)
  • ULPA filter (0,3 µm %99.9995<)
  • Carbon filter
  • Side panel windows 
  • 316L Stainless steel work-chamber (E & S)
  • Mechanical Key Lock
  • Work-chamber/Indoor oC monitor
  • Adjustable illumination (C series)
  • Active noise control system
  • Control panel remote control (E & S series)
  • Work-chamber hanger apparatus (IV Bar)
  • Anti-vibration weighing balance table
  • BMS integration (E/S)
  • Online Airflow/Pressure monitoring (E/S)
  • 7/24 alarm warning message (E/S)